Hello friends!

While doing or planning an Erasmus, you develop certain expectations and a mental image of a dream experience. Maybe you were even motivated by the "perfect Erasmus"... However, life never goes according to plan, neither does mobility!

Join us in this informal debate where we'll debunk the myth of the perfect Erasmus and give you some tips to manage expectations and make the best of your current and future experiences.

While you might not even notice it, the person standing right next to you is probably trying very hard to stay positive every single too. In a time when the whole world is facing such an unexpected and complicated situation, it's fundamental to talk about expectations and mental health, share ideas, experiences and feelings.

Knowing this might be a sensitive topic, you are free to join the debate and simply listen and/or protect your identity by changing your name and keeping your camera off.

As an organisation, our motto is "students helping students" and we believe a good way to do so is by promoting discussions that can help us become more conscious, wiser, healthier, and emphatic! Therefore, ESN Porto invites you to join us in raising awareness and fighting the social stigma surrounding Erasmus and living abroad. Because "the best time of your life" can be hard too.

What: Debate: The myth of the perfect Erasmus
When: Wednesday, 7th of April at 21:00
Where: Online, through Zoom
Price: Free!

This session is suitable for: current Erasmus students who are experiencing the loneliness or frustration of the lockdown; young people unsure about going abroad in the future or who already had an international experience; all of those who are interested in this topic.

To allow for a comfortable environment, there are limited places for this activity so please sign-up as soon as possible HERE and you will later receive the link to join.

Your social warriors,
ESN Porto