Hello dear ones,

We all feel sad about not being able to share with you our activities and adventures like we are used to.

However, we still want to be able to communicate with you guys and, for that, we planned the amazing Mobility Café!

As for now, we will need to have patience and rely on the online world to meet our beautiful faces! 

This activity will have as a theme “Hobbies-The importance they add in us as individuals” and we want to discuss this topic in a informal way as we were all together having a cup of coffee (for this you can bring up a beer, wine, be creative!).

Join us on this conversation and interact with your new best friends! 

What: Mobility Café

Where: Via Zoom 

When: 15th of November, 9 p.m.

Your coffee break campaigners,


To sign in, please fill the form below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4hmkW1PUhfWs0-MTn2hr5dQtfxOfK...