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Attention all detectives

We need your help, ESN Porto’s beloved mascot Tondela has gone missing, we looked for him everywhere and didn’t manage to find him. Yesterday we found a note on our office that said the following:

”Hello ESN Porto,
Do you want to play a game? We have kidnapped Tondela, but don’t worry we don’t intend to harm him, for now. We developed a series of games to be played and if you can win these games we are going to give you Tondela’s location. The games will be revealed on the 24th of March at 21h00 but only to a select group of people, so bring your best.
Kind regards,

As you can see the situation is really serious, so if you want to help us save Tondela, please join us!

What: Mystery Night: The Disappearance of Tondela
When: Wednesday, 24th of March, 21h00
Where: Online, through Zoom
Price: Free!
What to bring: Good mood, Detective skills, and willingness to help.

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Your Worried Friends,
ESN Porto