HO HO HO my dear friends,


If you have been a very good boy/girl this year, you deserve some Portuguese traditional Christmas sweets cause Santa Claus is coming to Porto town!!  You will have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the amazing Portuguese culture. This time is all about the traditional desserts that Portuguese grandmas bake for Christmas. Sounds delicious right? So if you haven’t been naughty this year, you ate all your veggies and brushed your teeth before going to bed, join us!


Portuguese Christmas Desserts Workshop

Tuesday, 11th December, 7:00 pm @Cantina da Faculdade de Direito


In this workshop, our ESN Chefs will teach you how to bake the best desserts that Portuguese Christmas can give. You will learn how to make a traditional cake called “Bolo Rei” (The King Cake), “Sonhos” (that literally means “dreams”), "Aletria” and many other desserts, so you can understand why every Portuguese person gains 2kg on Christmas!

Don’t worry about writing down all the recipes to make sure you don’t forget anything, because we will give you an e-book. This way, whenever you feel nostalgic just cook some Portuguese comfort food back home!


When: 11th December, 7:00 pm


Where: Cantina de Direito (map here)


Price: 5€


So, run to the office and see you there!


Your friends,

ESN Porto