Hey there guys,
Are you enjoying your Erasmus experience in Porto so far? Of course you are! 
What do you think about sharing it with other Erasmus and also curious Portuguese students who may want to do Erasmus in your home country? 

We decided we should do a gathering where you can meet and talk over a...

Mobility Café

Friday, October 12th, 17h @ Fábrica Nortada (map)

During the European Mobility Week, we will have an informal discussion and sharing of experiences. There, you will be able to understand more your possibilities of different programs and scholarships under the Erasmus program with an extra of intercultural sharing!
Fill out this FORM if you are interested in joining us!
There is no one better to share Erasmus memories, thoughts and hacks than you guys! Count you in?
Your always on the move friends,
ESN Porto