We know, we know... Erasmus is not always the best time to keep yourself in shape. There is a lot to study, places to see, friends to be with and social gatherings to attend. You are completely booked, no space in your schedule.

However, if you still miss those afternoons playing your favourite sport or just having fun with your friends, we feel the pain? So you're guessing right, we wouldn't disappoint you!

If your idea is to be a part of a local team please reach us out directly to If you wish, you can also speak with your faculty student association and see if you're able to play in the National University Championships!


Porto offers you different places for you to keep in shape!

You can download Porto City Hall official sports app ( Desporto365) to have all the info available to practice your favourite sport! Just search for your sport and you'll find all the places where you can practise.

Ágora Cultura e Desporto also offers you free opportunities to keep in shape and relax. Check here to find pilates, yoga and tai chi classes for free!

Centro Universitário da Universidade do Porto (CDUP) has plenty of opportunities for you to! Benefits if you are a UP student!


Meeting new Erasmus students is never enough! In case you are missing someone to play with, join our Sports WhatsApp group and find your partner!


With your ESNcard there's an opportunity to continue fit with our partners! Have a look at them and choose the most suitable for you.