Greetings portugal loving friends,

Are you ready to start knowing the country that is welcoming you?!

Everything from food, music, to amazing people, a night you will forever remember as the night that you had a taste of all the real Portuguese traditions!

Start picturing the room, people dressed with huge skirts dancing around as happy as humanly possible (Rancho), and two seconds later listening to music that moves all the cells of your body, that turns you to tears in an amazing way (Tuna, but not the fish, the academic group!).

And all of that accompanied with traditional drinks like the famous Porto Wine and food like chouriço, “bacalhau” dishes, pasteis de nata, caldo verde... we’re going to stop here because you are probably already drooling on your computer!

Portuguese Night

Thursday, 27th of September 20h00 @ Ateneu Comercial do Porto

And now you might be thinking “this is going to cost me my months rent”, but no my friend, it’s for FREE!!* All you have to do is fill out this simple FORM and bring your ESNcard!

Come and join us for one of the best nights of the year and to start knowing more about the city you’ll call home!

When: Thursday, 27th of September at 20h00

Where: Ateneu Comercial do Porto (map here)

*Price: Free (the entrance is free, but you’ll need to pay for the drinks you want to consume)

One more thing: ESN is always thinking in ways to improve our environment so we’ll have reusable cups that you can keep if you want! If you don’t want our pretty ESN cup, you can always return it, and we’ll give you the money back!

Your friends,

ESN Porto

To participate in our events, parties and trips, you must have an ESNcard. It only costs 10€ and it's valid for 1 year. It also allows you to benefit from national and international discounts with our partners. To get your ESNcard, you should go to our office (map here), and bring a photo of yourself (passport type).