A late afternoon with the music of Yann Tiersen

This piano recital will address the French composer Yann Tiersen, with a vast career divided between studio albums, collaborations and bands films, perhaps the best-known particularly for the unforgettable creation of the songs of "The Fabulous Destiny" by Amélie Poulain.

"Yann Tiersen is a talented multi-instrumentalist, with the elegant versatility and simplicity of the piano to emerge as conductor of your discography.

• Comptine d'été No 2 (Rue Des Cascades, 1996)

• Naval (Tabarly, 2008)

• La Longue Route (Tabarly, 2008) • Derniere (Tabarly, 2008)

• Tabarly (Tabarly, 2008) • Raindrops on a Window (** Pedro Ribeiro)

• Watching Lara (Good Bye Lenin, 2003) • I Saw Daddy Today (Good Bye Lenin, 2003)

• Plus D'Hiver (Les Retrouvailles, 2005) • Space Journey (** Pedro Ribeiro)

• Tempelhof (All, 2019)

• Lok Gweltz (EUSA, 2016)

• Penn Ar Roc'h (EUSA, 2016)

• Porz Goret (EUSA, 2016)

• La Dispute (Amélie, 2001 / Le Phare 1998)

• Le Moulin (Amélie, 2001) • Comptine d'un autre été (Amélie, 2001)

When: 12th December, 18h30

Where: Biblioteca do Fundo Antigo, Reitoria da Universidade do Porto