Social Impact Days are here!

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) launches an initiative - the Social Impact Days, engaging the international students, members of local communities, and ESN volunteers, across more than 40 countries, where ESN is present.

As a network, we aim to give back to the society in any way possible and one of our many missions is the enrichment of society through international students. ESN is here again with a new campaign aiming to encourage the active engagement of exchange students within their local communities, in all kinds of activities that can make a positive impact on society. Mobility programmes are beneficial for the whole society, not only for those who take part in them. That's why ESN is here to give opportunities to students, so they can develop as active citizens, and for local communities to see how impactful the mobility programmes are for society. The campaign wants to promote the efforts that local ESN associations make throughout the year, to make mobilities more meaningful for participants and communities, while working on making them more attractive and inclusive to young people.
From 7th of November to the 20th of November, ESN´s 500-strong local associations will organize online and presential activities that promote Education, Youth, Culture, Social Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Health & Well-being, Skills Development, and Employability. ESN advocates that bringing international students and local communities together creates space for solidarity, intercultural dialogue and civic engagement.

ESN Porto is celebrating ESN's Social Impact Days by building bridges between internationals and our community and promoting important discussions. From the 7th of November to the 20th of November, get ready to join our activities, connect with other international students, and discover amazing organisations that share our values and causes!

Check our social media and events page on our website to discover more about these two amazing weeks! 

Join us and leave your mark!