Hey buddy and congrats, you just unlocked one of life's ultimate experiences – the legendary Erasmus adventure. And guess what? You've already nailed the first step – you're in Porto, the best Erasmus destination ever!

We all already know that this adventure is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so we prepared the top 5 tips to twist your Erasmus experience here to the fullest!

  • Deep dive into Portuguese culture. Immerse yourself in the local culture like Festa de São João, where hitting people on the head with plastic hammers is not just allowed – it's encouraged! Oh, and don't forget to catch tickets to Primavera Sound Porto – it's where the cool kids hang out in June! Then, feast like a boss on Portugal's iconic bacalhau and treat yourself to the heavenly flavors of pastéis de nata – crispy on the outside, and creamy on the inside. And don't miss out on francesinha, Porto's famous sandwich packed with layers of meat, melted cheese, and smothered in a spicy beer sauce – it tastes the best on your hangover after another iconic ESN Porto party! Aaand hey, why not impress the locals with some cheeky Portuguese phrases? Unwind at Adega Leonor with “Um bom vinho do Porto e uma Super Bock, por favor?” (A good port wine and a Super Bock beer, please?)" – these phrases are practically the national Erasmus motto!

  • We always say it, and we'll say it again – Step out of your comfort zone! Create friendships that go the distance – connect with both locals and fellow international students to broaden your perspective and create lasting bonds. Challenge yourself to try new things, whether it's catching waves at a surf class with FlowerPower, immersing yourself in modern Portuguese and international art at Serralves, or soaking in the urban musician sounds while enjoying the best sunset spot at Jardim do Morro – you never know where your Erasmus bestie is waiting for you! And please, don't forget, sometimes the best connections come from the most unexpected places – smile at someone on the metro, ask a seemingly dumb question, or strike up a conversation and ask for a picture.
  • Master your art of juggling and travel games both in Portugal and Europe. Make the most of your weekends and breaks by exploring places with Flixbus or Ryanair – the discounts are real! Balance those study sessions with cultural explorations and spontaneous hangouts. And don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the whole Portuguese coast by renting a camp with RoadCampers! Additionally, there are a bunch of trips to discover Portugal organized by ESN Porto – including trips to Lisboa & Sintra, Coimbra in March; Algarve, Douro, Passadiços do Paiva in April; Drave in May; and Peniche & Berlengas in June. Just a friendly reminder, unlock the adventurer inside you NOW – and don't say we didn't encourage you!

  • Snap, Scribble, Share. Time flies – cherish every moment. Time flies when you're having fun, so savor every second of your Erasmus odyssey. The highs, the lows, and everything in between – they all shape your journey. Get that Instax camera you've been dreaming of and capture the tasty moments at Aguacate during Taco Tuesday or your first Paintball run at Pisco Paintball with your Erasmus besties. Alternatively, start your Erasmus YouTube channel to document this core memory for all 2024 summer semester exchange students. Believe us – that's something you'll be craving during your “Erasmus depression” back home!
  • Remember – Stay Curious, Stay Wild! Keep your heart and mind wide open to the wonders of the world. Every twist and turn of your Erasmus adventure is a chance to grow, learn, and live life to the fullest! And if you're ever struggling – rest assured that we, the volunteers of ESN Porto, are your best friends, working tirelessly to ensure you slay your Erasmus experience in Porto. So grab your ESNcard and unlock all the treasure benefits of your time here.