So you have been seeing some surfers having a blast down in Matosinhos and you think you also want to try it? We have great news!

Our surf courses offer you the opportunity to try exactly that! Expert or beginner, this is right up every beach or surf lover’s alley!


Founded in 2005, Flower Power Surf School is in its essence a club of friends that shared the same passion and ideals. Specialized in surfing, they have the know-how, skill, experience and resources to make Flower Power Surf School an exciting place for Erasmus students.


The Surf Course classes have already started and you can join with two different possibilities:

  • Pack of 8 classes for a total price of 80€
  • Pack of 5 classes for a total price of 60€

What are you waiting for? You can sign up at our office or at the school!


Terms and conditions:

  1. Classes take place in Matosinhos, at FlowerPower Surf School;
  2. Teachers have qualifications and ample experience as surf trainers;
  3. Price includes all the material you need during the classes (board and suit) and personal insurance;
  4. The course lasts 3 months from the time of purchase;
  5. Classes last around 2h and there are classes every day at 11am and 3pm;
  6. Each class has a limit of participants which are defined by order of registration;
  7. The course is personal and non-transferable;
  8. There’s a place to change clothes and get equipped right by the beach - you just need to bring a towel;
  9. Whenever you have some problems or accidents always talk to your professor so he can always be aware of the situation.


Your surf friends,

ESN Porto