Flower Power Surf School
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Via do Castelo do Queijo 395, 4100-429 Porto
Aloha! Are you ready to catch some waves? Expert or beginner, this is right up every beach or surf lover's alley!
So, you have just arrived and missed doing surf back at home, or perhaps never done it and want to have a go at it, or maybe you never had the chance to even see the beach?
Founded in 2005, Flower Power Surf School is in its essence a club of friends that shared the same passion and ideals. Specialized in surfing, they have the know-how, skill, experience and resources to make Flower Power Surf School an exciting place for Erasmus students.

Prices with ESNcard:
• A Single Class For 15€
• 5 Classes (ESN Surf Couse) For 60€
• 8 Classes (ESN Surf Couse) For 80€

• ESN Porto website
• Email to surf@esnporto.org

Information about the ESN Porto Surf Course:
• The classes will take place in Matosinhos, at the Surf School FlowerPower;
• The teachers have qualifications and ample experience as surf trainers;
• The price includes all the material you need during the classes (board and suit) and personal insurance;
• You will have a place to change your clothes and get equipped right by the beach (don’t forget to take a towel);
• The classes will last around 2h and each participant will have 1 or 2, depending on the choice, classes per week. You must choose all the options (days of the week / morning or afternoon) that you have free time in order to define your schedule. There are classes every weekday at 11am and 3pm. On the weekends classes are at 11am and 3pm too. The classes will be chosen by order of registration, and you should be aware that you cannot change classes during the course, and each class has a limit of 20 Surfers;
• Whenever you have some problems or accident always talk to your professor so he can always be aware of the situation;
Your wavy friends, ESN Porto