Hello, beautiful Erasmus!
Are you ready to meet your new home? 
Join us for a fun, magical, filled with secrets City Walking Tour! 

City Walking Tour & Sunset Drinking Games

5th September, 3pm @Reitoria

We will take you to the most beautiful places in town and make you travel in time, with some fun stories and some ice cream. It doesn’t end there, because after that, we will take you to see the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET, in Jardim do Morro (map here).
But we have more, during this amazing sunset, we invite you to be a part of some magical drinking games, because ESN Porto knows that Sunset rhymes with beer and chatting.
So, take your time to get to know your future best friends, including the ESNers that will help you having fun during the all semester and most important, be open minded and you will have the best sunset ever!
Lastly, we advise you to take some drinks with you to help us organize all the games.
We will meet on the 5th of September, at 3pm, in front of Reitoria, in Praça Gomes Teixeira (map here).
Your Best Friends,
ESN Porto