Here in our city we have two main means of transportation: buses and metro. Actually we have an incredible metro system that crosses the whole city and a good amount of buses.

The system is a little different from other countries. Here we have a card called “Andante” that allows you to travel both by metro and bus.

There are two kinds of Andante cards:

The Andante Blue Card

The simplest ticket is the blue Andante card, which lets you pay per journey. The key thing to know about this card is that it can only be charged with one type of journey. The day-to-day titles are valid for the zones that your title indicates. For example: Z2 title one the blue line allows you to go, for example from Trindade to Norteshopping (Sete Bicas) depending on the metro station you validated your ticket.If you are travelling from zone 2 to a zone 3 station, you buy a zone 3 type ticket. Then you recharge the card with as many journeys (“títulos”) as you like for that type. If you travel to different zones over different days, the problem is that you can’t keep different Andante cards in your pocket and know which is which, so it’s best to charge your card with only the journeys you make in one day, then the next day, if you are buying journeys for a different zone, you can change the journey type before you buy your “títulos”.  The titles allow you to travel a certain time, according to the areas they include (Z2 & Z3= 1h; Z4=1h15m; Z5=1h30; Z6= 1h45; Z7=2h).

Here’s a quick checklist of what to know about buying and using Andante Blue Tickets on Porto Metro:

For occasional use, there is the Blue Ticket which is:

  • Non- personalized paper ticket;
  • Rechargeable with any kind of travel title;
  • A ticket per person;
  • This ticket can contain several titles of the same type (for example, 10 Z2 titles);
  • You can only change the type of title when it’s empty( For Example: changing from Z2 to Z3 is only possible once you used up all your titles);
  • Before you get on the train, you must validate your card by holding it in front of the sensor – when it beeps your ticket has been validated for the journey. There are no barriers to stop you at the metro, but the Metro police enter the cars and check your Andante to make sure you have validated it, and are travelling within your zones;
  • The first time you buy a ticket in a machine, you have to buy the Andante card, which is €0.60.

There is also a daily ticket, known as Andante 24 that allows the user to make unlimited trips within a given day in the zones chosen. For example, a Z3 (3-zone) ticket is valid for 3 zones in any direction of travel from the first validated zone.

The Andante Silver Card

Although you can use Andante Gold ticket for regular titles, it is mainly used for monthly passes. These titles are valid for the zones you chose and allow you to travel in those areas for a month. If you plan on living in Porto, or staying for more than three weeks, it is recommended you get the Andante Gold. However, the zoning system is a lot different in the "Gold" version then in the "Blue version". The are around 11 zones in Andante Gold (C1, C2, S11, etc.) The centre is C1. When you buy the card, you must purchase another zone (C1 is automatically included). The Andante Gold can be used in all metro lines, the funicular and all buses. When you are buying the Andante Gold, you must have a picture of yourself (your passport photo will do. They can amplify the image from the passport to the card in seconds).

  • It can only be used by you;
  • Each ticket is able to contain only 2 month worth of titles (for the present month and for the following month) and 1 regular title;
  • Price per gold card = 5 EUR;
  • Monthly price depends in how many zones you choose. Normally you only need two zones so the price it’s 28,40€ if you're over the age of 23 and 21,30€ if you're under the age of 23.

Andante Zones:

Andante zones are always designated by the letters N, C and S fallowed with the number. The letter N represents all the zones that are north from the axle IC 24, letter C represents all the zones that are between the IC 24 and Douro River and letter S represents all the zones that are south of Douro River.

Where to buy and recharge the Andante Blue and Andante Gold cards:

  • In the shops Andante;
  • In the Andante ticket offices which are located at the airport Info Point, at the automated machines in the underground stations, at the Loja da Mobilidade of Porto municipality and at any cash machines.
  • At the following private bus companies: Espírito Santo, Rua Tenente Valadim, 948 – Vila Nova de Gaia; Gondomarense, Central Shopping, Campo 24 de Agosto; Valpi, Praça General Humberto Delgado, 339 – Porto;
  • At the Stcp stations in : Campo 24 de Agosto, Hospital São João, Bom Sucesso, Loja do Cidadão;
  • At the railway station ticket offices in: CP di Ermesinde, General Torres, Campanhã and Espinho; 
  • Railway station São Bento.

All cards must be validated every time you get on board, and at any change of vehicle.

On trains and underground trains the machines for ticket validation are situated in the stations, whereas on buses they are placed at the entrance of the vehicle. To validate the ticket, you must take the card near the black circle mark. A green light or an acoustic sound will confirm the operation, indicating the balance on your card. A red light followed by a message on the display indicates that a problem has occurred, and you must repeat the operation.


The validation:

    The display reads:

        "Titulo Z4" (4-Zone ticket)

        "Saldo: 0 Viagens" (Balance / Remaining credit: 0 Journeys)

        "Tempo Disponível): 01:00" (Time remaining)

        "Boa Viagem" (Have a nice journey)