For all the party animals,


Are you ready for one of the most epic nights? Do you party like there is no tommorow? Do you think that the best nights are the ones you don't remember? This is what you’ve been looking for!

We don't want to spoil anything but you better get ready to be tested, we will have a lot of challenges and a surprise for the most Savage Erasmus Student of Porto!

From champagne showers to drinking games and even styrofoam pools, compete along with your friends and get ready because these are the nights that never die.

Oh… you don’t fit the savage mode? Just bring your phone and make amazing memories that will embarrass your craziest friends!


What: Savage Party by ESN Porto

When: Saturday, 30th of November

Where: Boulevard (map here)

Price: Free for ESNcard holders

What to bring: Just your ESNcard!


Drink prices:

~Spirits 4€

~Beer 2€

~Shots 2€


 Need an extra push? I’ve always heard that "If you ain't losing your mind, you ain't partying right!"


♢ VIP Area

►Tall table w/ 1 Service Bottle - 90€ (up to 4 pax)

Extra Person 20€ (maximum 5 pax)

Extra service bottle 60€

►Cabin w/ 1 Premium Bottle - 150€ (up to 6 pax)

Extra Person 20€ (maximum 8 pax)

Extra Premium Bottle: 80€


IMPORTANT: Boulevard has a consumer card system: at the entrance, you will receive a card. DO NOT LOSE THAT CARD! Your drinks will be registered in it and at the end, you have to return it, even if you didn't consume anything.


Note: Unfortunately Boulevard is not a space fully prepared for people with physical disabilities.

This is a private party and the right of admission is reserved to ESN Porto.


Your party friends,

ESN Porto